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Galapagos expedition cruises

The Galapagos archipelago, a collection of volcanic islands with a rugged beauty all their own, is a protected national park: tourism is limited, and it is a rare privilege to visit this isolated location. And, with expert naturalist guides, you can be sure you will learn all about the wildlife ashore, in the skies and under the ocean, as well as the amazing geography, geology and history.

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Year round


Starting at 4 nights

How to get there

Indirect flight via mainland Ecuador

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Exploring the Galapagos

The isolation of these islands, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, is the reason that the fearless wildlife finds man's arrival curious rather than frightening.

This fragile system has already suffered from sporadic visits in the past, and today visitor and resident numbers are strictly limited, and kept in check by high costs. It seems possible that sometime soon, further restrictions will be put in place, and it will become even harder to visit. Visiting the Galapagos is a lifetime experience, and our advice is to go now, while you can.

Although there are a couple of hotels on the main islands, visiting by ship is by far the best option to get away from the crowds, see the different wildlife and topography as you travel from island to island, and get a true sense of how extraordinary this destination is. All vessels here must be Ecuador registered, with a maximum capacity of just 100 people on board. Everything is expensive, so ask us to help you choose the best option for your particular tastes - a bad choice is a poor economy.

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“The expedition leaders inspired us with their knowledge of their beloved islands. The wildlife and sunsets far surpassed our expectations. A wonderful holiday I will never forget.”

Mrs Wells

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