Polar expedition cruises - Penguins in South Georgia

Polar Expedition Cruises

Visiting the polar regions by sea with a polar expedition cruise is the only way to begin to understand these extraordinary wildernesses, enabling you to explore areas with no infrastructure whatsoever, with seasoned guides and scientists whose expertise will have you hanging on their every word.

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Polar expedition cruises

You might think that the only way to have an extraordinary polar adventure is to follow in the footsteps of the great explorers. Fear not though, even if your thirst for adventure doesn't extend to trekking miles through ice and snow with a sled and a pack of huskies, there is a way for you to visit the extraordinary polar regions with small ship polar cruises.

Travelling by ship on a polar region cruise, you can go for days without seeing a trace of civilisation, or you can choose an itinerary that will bring you face to face with intrepid communities of individuals who live in this harsh environment.

To the north, search for polar bears in Svalbard, explore extraordinary ice-clogged fjords in Greenland, or push through pack ice in search of the elusive Northwest Passage - or indeed, even the Northeast Passage. To the south, sail amongst extraordinary ice formations, smile at the comical penguins, or watch the busy waters for whales and sea lions.

Whatever you choose, the luxury of travelling with polar experts ready to educate, tell tales and explore alongside you makes a polar expedition cruise the journey of a lifetime.

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