Greenland & Northwest Passage expedition cruises

Greenland & Northwest Passage Expedition Cruises

The mountain terrain of Greenland is arduous to trek and virtually inaccessible to all but the most seasoned explorers. On cruises to Greenland you can enjoy so many perspectives of this extraordinary land, experiencing its magical peace and beauty whilst travelling in comfort.

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Exploring Greenland and the Northwest Passage

If you have selected a Greenland expedition or Northwest Passage cruise starting in Greenland itself, you will probably reach it by charter flight into Kangerlussuaq. Alternatively, you might arrive by ship from Iceland to the east, or from Newfoundland to the west. Either way, your experience will be very special, cruising in the protected still waters of spectacular fjords, amongst the ice floes, and from settlement to settlement.

During your Greenland expedition, you will be captivated by the spectacular scenery and the amazing wildlife, but further amazed by this country's rich culture, society and history. The opportunity to meet with a thriving local community adds an additional perspective, which differentiates a Greenland trip from other polar expeditions.

Enjoy the contrasts of the east and west coasts if you can, and particularly appealing itineraries include Disko Bay and the UNESCO World Heritage site at the Ilulissat icefjord. On some Northwest Passage expedition cruises, ships enter the Northwest Passage from here, and others attempt to find a way through the ice all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific or vice versa, following in the wake of intrepid explorers.

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