Sharon Trigg

Reservations Manager

Whether it's meeting interesting people or helping to craft amazing itineraries, I find that working in travel I never stop learning.
My favourite adventure
Creek near Denali Highway, Alaska

I went on an amazing trip to south east Alaska with Un-Cruise Adventures. We travelled into the absolute wilderness and we didn't see another ship or any people, just wildlife non-stop.

On one trek we spotted two bears on the shoreline, as well as deer, porcupine and red squirrels. We also went kayaking amongst otters that kept popping up out of the water to see what was going on, and we travelled out on small boats to the glaciers and watched humpback whales breaching with their calves while we enjoyed hot chocolate with a drop of Crème de Menthe.

I thought it couldn't get any better, until I found myself sitting in the hot tub on a cold but sunny day watching humpback whales swimming and diving around us - absolutely magical.

Explore Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

My top adventure tip

An adventure cruise will often have no fixed itinerary as such, and there can be many unpredictable elements, so it pays to stay alert to any announcements from the crew.

On my first morning in Alaska we were woken at the ungodly hour of 5.30am, to alert us to some activity on the port side of the ship.

The 'activity' turned out to be a pod of killer whales trying to drown a seal, and the seal was coming closer to the ship in an attempt to hide, meaning that the whales were coming towards us too. It was an incredible spectacle, just like watching a wildlife programme, but right on our doorstep.

And I'm pleased to say that the seal got away to fight another day!