Arctic & Svalbard expedition cruises - Spitsbergen icy landscape

Arctic & Svalbard Expedition Cruises

On an Arctic and Svalbard expedition cruise you'll see ice and snow, of course. But also an extraordinary colour palette of greys and blues, an amazing glimpse of the very bones of the land, and an incredible variety of wildlife, from huge flocks of birds to lounging walrus and seals scattered across the ice. And, to top it all, the Svalbard archipelago is the very best place on earth to see polar bears in the wild.

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Arctic & Svalbard Expedition Cruises

From Northern Norway travel north and further north towards the archipelago of Svalbard - next stop, the North Pole. This is true Arctic wilderness. On the island of Spitsbergen a couple of so called 'towns', Longyearbyen and Ny Alesund, house scientists and a few intrepid visitors.

Occasionally as you explore by sea on a Svalbard cruise you might glimpse a small hut left by whalers, trappers or a scientific mission. Once or twice, a ship might appear on the horizon. But apart from that, day after day is filled with extraordinary scenery, and amazing wildlife; although sightings are never guaranteed, there's no doubt in our mind that this is the best place in the world to see polar bears in the wild on a Svalbard expedition cruise.

On board your expedition ship cruise around Svalbard, lectures cover such diverse topics as the race to the North Pole, the fight for ownership of the sea bed beneath, the nesting habits of Arctic birds or the life of the polar bear. All are fascinating in the context of this amazing adventure.

Day by day on your Svalbard expedition cruise, your expedition leader plans how to make your adventure as stimulating as possible. Guests are divided into groups to minimise queuing when you set forth to explore by zodiac, or for a hike ashore.

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