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India & Far East expedition cruises

In days gone by, travellers to the Indies came home with tales of riches, beauty and strangeness: beautiful fabrics, sweet smelling perfumes and spices of extraordinary value, wonderful intricate works of art and customs incomprehensible to the European traders and explorers. Such a wonderful experience is still possible! These are the best India & Far East expedition cruises.

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Exploring India and the Far East

So many lands, and all so different, that it seems strange to gather them together in one section, but the Western perception of this region dates back thousands of years. The one constant thought was that, whilst the lands surrounding the Mediterranean were familiar, to travel beyond the Middle East was to take a great adventure.

And today we still think these wonderful lands are the perfect choice if you are seeking a great adventure. India, with its enticing melting pot of religions, cultures, foods, traditions, scenery, climates and languages, invites you back time and again, and still you barely scrape the surface.

South East Asia is a breathtaking juxtaposition of the super modern, with its cosmopolitan cities bristling with their extraordinary technology, alongside a rural countryside unchanged in hundreds of years, all interlaced with wonderful architecture, rich history and a vibrant but gentle welcome.

Venture further still for the luxuriant islands and seas of the coral triangle, the wealth of history in Vietnam, and extraordinary China, an amazing land with a burgeoning economy and a mighty history. Beyond that, the mysterious shores of Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

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