An expedition cruising guide to Australia's Kimberley Coast

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Outside of Australia, few have even heard of the Kimberley, but this is an ancient land, a landscape so old that vast tracts pre-date the very existence of fossils.

Sparsely settled and hard to reach, you would be forgiven for dismissing the Kimberley region as an empty space on the map, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

What is there to see?

An expedition cruise to the Kimberley allows you to explore the immense and complex landscape of north western Australia, encompassing spectacular gorges, waterfalls, caves, rainforests and wildlife. The landscape reflects the immense geological forces that have buckled the earth's crust over the course of eons, leaving contorted folds of ancient rock. The varied coastline is crowded with islands, bursting with marine life and rivers that lead to vertiginous waterfalls.

Bungle Bungles National Park, Australia

At Montgomery Reef the tide drops so rapidly that waters trapped inside the reef create a raging torrent as they escape. Indigenous rock art of ethereal Wandijina spirits and the elegant Gwion Gwion figures of pre-history are captivating remnants of truly ancient civilisations, while a scenic flight over the famous Bungle Bungle ranges is bound to be a highlight of any trip.

Aboriginal art in the Kimberley region, Australia

When to visit the Kimberley

In May and June the King George Falls are flowing forcefully, whilst in July and August you will find humpback whales in the waters off the Kimberley Coast, which are most abundant in August.

True North Cruises at the King George Falls, Australia

Which cruise itinerary to choose

You can select a shorter itinerary exploring the Kimberley only, or go for a longer journey that includes the islands of Indonesia in addition to your Australian exploration.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

How to get there

Core Kimberley programmes operate between Broome and Darwin. You might choose to add this on to a longer visit to Australia, visiting friends and relations, or exploring the east coast. Or you may fly in simply to take the cruise. Darwin can be easily reached via Malaysia or Singapore, and you can fly to Broome from Perth.

Countryside around Darwin, Australia

The wildlife of the Kimberley

Species to look out for include alligators, crocodiles, whales, turtles, ospreys, white bellied sea eagles, brahminy kites and peregrine falcons, manta rays and, if you're lucky, the elusive dugong (manatee).

Crocodile in Kakadu National Park, Australia

Extending your Kimberley holiday

Your options depend on the time you have available, and your particular interests and enthusiasms. If you have never been to Australia before then you should take the time to enjoy Sydney, maybe explore the Blue Mountains and the east coast, fly to the Red Centre or visit Perth. If it is a repeat visit, there might be some new treats to enjoy - maybe a visit to the wine growing regions, or a long train journey on the Ghan. You might combine your cruise with a visit to friends or relations in New Zealand, or perhaps stop off in Southeast Asia en route. Your Kimberley cruise could be even part of a round the world tour - give us a call on 020 7399 7630 to discuss your options!

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