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Love it or hate it, Brexit has come to dominate the news agenda.

While we are still none the wiser on the specifics of the eventual deal (or no deal), the government has issued the following official guidance on travel to the EU after Brexit:

"After Britain's exit date, if there is no EU exit deal, cruise operations will continue on the same basis as today. Passengers who embark on a cruise at a UK port will continue to be protected by the EU regulation on maritime passengers' rights, which will be brought into UK law.

"Passengers should take out appropriate travel insurance, check and understand the terms and conditions of all their bookings, and check with their cruise line and insurance provider if they have any questions."

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At Mundy we always recommend this anyway, but you will also need a full six months' validity on your passport to travel in Europe. Apply for a passport sooner rather than later should you need a new one, as we predict that the passport office will be busiest around the Brexit deadline period.

Just to complicate matters further, it now emerges that if you have a passport with time carried over from a previous one - i.e. with a life of more than ten years - the validity may be calculated from the issue date. So if you will be travelling more than nine years and six months from your passport issue date, check whether you need to apply for a new one using the government's Check A Passport site.

We do think that there could be longer border queues in the days immediately following Brexit day. We're sure that this will be sorted out quickly, but should you be travelling over this period it might be worth changing your plans to give you plenty of wiggle room in case of delays, especially if you are booking flight connections or joining a cruise with only a little time to spare.

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Lastly, a disorderly exit could result in a weakening of the pound, so it might be worth buying currency for an upcoming holiday now if the exchange rate is looking good. Certainly, this is a good time to be finalising your travel plans - fares are more likely to go up than down.

We will of course update you as things are clarified in the coming weeks, and it goes without saying that your Mundy cruise consultant is always on hand to answer any queries you might have.

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