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The Arctic

If you are looking for amazing scenery with icebergs, glaciers and unique wildlife, you should consider an adventure to the Far North: Spitsbergen; Greenland; or even the Northwest Passage on an Arctic cruise.

Due to the isolation of this region, Arctic holidays can be very restrictive as the infrastructure in many areas simply doesn't exist. Therefore the best option is to take your infrastructure with you on an Arctic cruise. You will have all the comforts, expert expedition leaders as well as unrivalled access to this stunning destination. An Arctic cruise ticks all the boxes.

Just a select few voyages take you to the Arctic – but this is an unmissable experience. The scenery is extraordinary, you will be amazed at the lives the indigenous people have carved out for themselves, and you may be lucky enough to see a polar bear!

The winter months offer a selection of Northern Lights cruises, and summer months the chance to see wildlife and even navigate your way through the Arctic on a Northwest Passage cruise.

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