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Arctic Adventure (Reykjavik, Iceland to Longyearbyen, Svalbad) onboard Silver Explorer, 13-25 June 2012


Icelanders said that we had brought summer with us when we first arrived and the fine sunny weather stayed with us for the first three days aboard Silver Explorer as we cruised the west and north coast of Iceland.

Antarctica: The Final Frontier of Destinations

Bill Antarctica 11

If cruising is all about the destination, then Antarctica is the Final Frontier of destinations.

The indescribable magic of Greenland

Credit : Richard Sidey

I caught my first glimpse of Silver Explorer as we approached the long runway at Kangerlussuaq on Greenland's western coast.

Our Galapagos Story Board


The second we stepped foot on the islands we became aware that animals behave differently here! Every now and then a big fish fight would take place only a few feet from where we were observing on the beach.

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