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South East Asia

South East Asia Bay

A South East Asia holiday will take you to a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, idyllic islands, spectacular volcanic scenery and exciting bustling cities.

Countries such as Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines all have a charming diversity and warm people, so you will certainly want to visit time and again.

Because it is such a vast area whose waters are scattered with idyllic islands, a South East Asia cruise holiday enables a good immersion in the changing landscapes throughout the region.

Thailand's capital Bangkok is an eclectic mix of stunning palaces and temples, huge markets selling everything and anything you can imagine, and swish river fronted hotels. The north of Thailand has a slower pace of life and the green hills surrounding Chiang Mai are perfect for excursions out into the rural areas.

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To the south, the beautiful islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Phi Phi (to name just three of thousands) boast white sandy beaches and clear waters. Malaysia, Thailand's southern neighbor, has the rice terraces and jungles of the Cameron Highlands, the rainforest of Taman Negara, great beaches and the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur.

The Philippines features wide range of landscapes. Volcanoes litter the island and the north has the UNESCO heritage Banaue rice terraces. The 17,508 islands of Indonesia share a similar landscape.

The South East Asian countries of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have become more easily accessible by water in recent years. Noble Caledonia's MS Island Sky has some in depth itineraries, and other small ships give unrivalled access.

Noble Caledonia South East Asian Odyssey

Day 1 – Fly London to Singapore
Day 2 – Transfer to hotel in Singapore
Day 3 – Eastern & Oriental Express from Singapore to Malaysia in the luxurious cabin with glamorous Bar and restaurant.
Day 4 – Kuala Lumpur & Overnight at Cameron Highlands. From the impressive Mughalstyle Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, visit the capital and its National Museum, take a city tour and heritage walking tour. The next station of the Easter & Orient Express is Tapah Station. Transfer by coach to the luxurious Cameron Highlands Resort and enjoy the hills of dense jungle where you may see settlements of the Orang Asli (indigenous people), visit tea plantations, farms and flower galleries.
Day 5 – Cameron Highlights. Visit Spa Village and the Best of Highlands tea plantation for a guided walk through tea gardens and the factory.
Day 6 – Kuala Kangsar & Penang. Visit the historic royal city of Kuala Kangsar and take the tour to the Royal Museum, Ubudiah Mosque and Bukit Merah Lake before the transfer to the island of Penang, where you can take a tour of colonial Georgetown and explore the Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures. See Peranakan Heritage Museum and the Tropical Spice Garden Gallery that showcases the origins of spice trade.
Day 7 – Monkey Training College at Surat Thani. Enjoy the views of southern Thailand on the way to Surat Thani. Join a private tour of the Monkey Training College and learn how to harvest coconut.
Day 8 – River Kwai & the Tham Kasae Viaduct. Tour the Thailand-Burma Railway Museum and Don Rak War Cemetery. Enjoy a view of the historic Tham Kasae Viaduct from the train. Visit an elephant camp and the memorial at the Hell Fire Pass Museum.
Day 9 – Bangkok. Transfer to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for a two night stay.
Day 10 – Bangkok. Visit and explore the city.
Day 11 – Bangkok to Jakarta. Transfer to the airport for a flight to Jakarta and after arrival sail the north Java coast.
Day 12 – Cirebon. Visit the Cirebon Palaces and tour the palace museums with royal carriages, weaponry, masks and artworks and Sunyaragi royal baths.
Day 13 – Semarang. Explore the UNNESCO site Borobudur.
Day 14 – At Sea
Day 15 – Probolinggo. Visit Mount Bromo National Park and active volcano Mt Bromo.
Day 16 – Moyo. Explore the island and take an opportunity to snorkel.
Day 17 – Rinca Island, Komodo. Visit the island’s national park where you can see Komodo dragons in the wild.
Day 18 – Flores Islands. Explore the island and its active volcano. Visit the south coast village of Sikka.
Day 19 – Alor. Tour the island and its volcanoes, coral reefs, coconut palm beaches and traditional villages.
Day 20 – Dili, East Timor. See the East Timor’s coastal and mountainous areas. Visit Dili and the old hill towns of Maubisse and Aileu.
Day 21 – At Sea
Day 22 – Darwin, Northern Territory. Go around Litchfield National Park and explore waterfalls from Tabletop Range, monsoon rainforests and historical sites. Swim in the Buley Rock Hole near Florence and Wangi Falls.
Day 23 – Coburg Peninsula. Visit Garig Gunak National Park and enjoy its pristine wilderness and Aboriginal culture.
Day 24 – Wessel Island. Explore the largest Aboriginal community set in the beautiful islands of the Wessel Group.
Day 25 – At Sea
Day 26 – Cape York and Thursday Island. Tour the major staging area for the Japanese battles during World War II. Visit the Gab Titui Cultural Centre.
Day 27 – At Sea
Day 28 – Fly Cairns to London

Wat Pho Reclining Buddha Bangkok

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Adventures begin when you call 020 7399 7630 or when you click here

When to go:

The climate is varied with different areas experiencing their monsoon rains at different times. Certainly, as a rule, the drier months are during our winter, but like all of Asia rainfall can be unpredictable.

What to pack: 

The weather is mainly tropical – hot and humid all year round with plentiful rainfall. Visas are required in this part of the world and as with travel to any tropical country you will need to ensure your immunisations are up to date.