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The island of Borneo is the third largest in the world and one of the best places on earth to see wildlife, which is what every holiday to Borneo should have at its heart. Borneo is divided into four regions, one of which belongs to Indonesia, one to Brunei and two to Malaysia.

It is very mountainous (the highest peak within Borneo is Mount Kinabalu which stands at 13,455 ft) with areas of dense rainforest, which has been dated at over 130 million years old.

This makes the rainforests of Borneo the oldest in the world, 70 million years older than the rainforests of the Amazon. Due to this it is one of the most diverse places on earth for flora, with much of this being indigenous to Borneo.

Borneo is one of the two places on earth that have Orangutans in the wild…and no trip to this wonderful island is complete without seeing these majestic creatures in their natural environment. If the Orangutans are one of the main reasons for visiting Borneo, then an itinerary that features the Camp Leakey research station and the Orangutan Foundation International Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a must. They are situated in the Tanjung Putting National Park which to this day remains one of the wonders of the natural world.

The coastline is also incredibly diverse boasting some of the world's best diving and snorkelling, with a huge amount of marine life and pristine waters within what is known as The Coral Triangle.

Lindblad Camp Leakey - Faces in the Forest

Day 1 - Fly London to Singapore
Day 2 - Transfer to Fairmont Singapore for a 2-night stay
Day 3 - Singapore. At leisure to explore Singapore
Day 4 - Fly Singapore to Bali. Transfer to embark Orion Expedition Cruises
Day 5 - At Sea
Day 6 - Tanjung Puting National Park. Take a boat ride to explore the river system surrounding Camp Leakey
Day 7 - Tanjung Puting National Park. Visit the Orangutan Foundation International's wildlife rehabilitation centre, giving the opportunity to interact with Orangutans
Day 8 - Gunung Palung National Park. Take a boat ride through the national park and spot proboscis monkeys, macaques as well as a variety of bird species
Day 9 - Pontianak. Visit the Equator Monument as well as the Mujahiddin & Jami' Mosques which sit side by side the Portuguese fortress of the Palace of Sultan Khadariyah and the historical cathedral
Day 10 - Kuching. See the Astana (the Palace of the White Rajah), temples, mosques, and visit the Sarawak Museum
Day 11 - Kuching. Witness the work of the Semenggoh Nature Rehabilitation Centre to save Orangutans and other wildlife and take a tour to sites of Kuching's rich cultural and natural history
Day 12 - Bako National Park. Take a walk or Zodiac expedition through the rainforest in the stunning Bako National Park
Day 13 - At Sea
Day 14 - Disembark Singapore. Evening flight to London
Day 15 - Arrive London


  • Interacting with orangutans and visiting the rehabilitation centres
  • The stunning and unspoilt rainforests
  • The diverse flora and fauna

Extend your trip:

  • Take the Eastern & Oriental Express from Singapore to Bangkok
  • Fly on to the beautiful island of Bali to relax and chill out
  • Visit the cosmopolitan cities of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok

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Adventures begin when you call 020 7399 7630 or when you click here

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DEPARTURES: October/ November 2013.

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Lindblad Wild Encounters from Borneo to Bali

Day 1 – Singapore
Day 2 – Anambas Archipelago
Day 3 – Natuna Archipelago
Day 4 – Bako National Park , Sarawak
Day 5 – 7 – Kuching. At Sea
Day 8 – 9 – Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan
Day 10 – At Sea
Day 11 – Denpasar

Adventures begin when you call 020 7399 7630 or when you click here

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Departures: 16th September 2014; 26th September 2014 –operates in reverse

Silversea Borneo Discovery

Day 1 – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Day 2 – Pulau Tiga, Malaysia
Day 3 – Kudat, Malaysia
Day 4 – Sandakan, Malaysia
Day 5 – Sarakan Marine Park, Malaysia
Day 5 – Semporna, Malaysia
Day 5 – Lahud Datu, Datum Valley Park, Mala
Day 6 – Lahud Datu, Datum Valley Park, Mala
Day 7 – Day At Sea
Day 8 – Day At Sea
Day 9 – Ternate, Indonesia
Day 10 – Boo Islands, Indonesia
Day 11 – Den Weg Islands (Teluk Berau)
Day 11 – Maccluer Gulf (Teluk Berau)
Day 12 – Misool Island, Raja Ampat
Day 13 – Kri Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Day 14 – Day At Sea
Day 15 – Palau Archipelago, Micronesia
Day 16 – Koror, Palau

Borneo Silversea Silver Discoverer Cruise
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Departures: 21st September 2014

When to go:

Although Borneo is hot all year round the best time to visit is during our spring and summer. There monsoon season is during the winter months, but like all of Asia rainfall can be unpredictable. When you are inland, expect the humidity.

What to pack: 

Tropical, lightweights and cottons are recommended. In the highlands, warmer clothing is needed. Rainwear is also advised.