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With a mix of exciting cities, tranquil temples, stunning beaches and tropical forests Asia is a region of the world that is as varied as it is beautiful. Not only is there a changing physical landscape, but also fascinating political and historical landscapes that have shaped each and every country.

Countries such as Vietnam and China have only recently opened up to the west and there are a host of cruise options that give a wonderful insight into these relatively unknown lands.  Japan offers vibrant modern metropolises juxtaposed by traditional temples and garden.   

The Russian Far East is a hidden gem, with amazing wildlife and a stunning volcanic backdrop.

This region of the world is often difficult to negotiate by land, so travel by sea means that city traffic and the poor rural infrastructure seen in many countries is simply not an issue.

Extending your stay with land based trips to places such as Cambodia’s Angkor Wat or the historical cities of China is an excellent complement to an Asia cruise.

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