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Boasting rugged and beautiful scenery formed by volcanic activity, Iceland is renowned for its inspiring landscapes, geysers, glaciers and volcanoes. A geological hotspot, the bubbling hot springs, shooting geysers and steaming volcanoes are a real draw for visitors from around the world.

The coastline is dominated by fjords which have been formed by glaciers, resulting in beautiful steep-sided cliffs. This rugged coastline is home to thriving colonies of seabird including puffins, and the surrounding waters are home to whales and seal.

It is these views of the land from the sea and the marine life which make an Iceland cruise superior to a land-based Iceland holiday.

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There are many isolated fishing villages that dot the coastline and little has changed since the 18th century when their harbours where dominated by tall ships and Norwegian whaling ships.

Culture is firmly influenced by the country’s Norse heritage which is reflected in art and literature.

If you are lucky, you may experience the beautiful Auroras Borealis (Northern Lights) that may light up the sky during the summer months, which is when a range of Iceland cruises navigate these waters.

Iceland Discovery

Day 1 - Fly London to Reykjavik. 1 night stay in Reykjavik
Day 2 - Embark Le Boreal
Day 3 - Grundarfjordur. See this beautiful fjord and explore the extinct volcanoes
Day 4 - Grimsey Island. This small island is located directly on the Arctic Circle. See puffins on the jagged cliffs
Day 5 - Akureyri. Situated on the banks of the Eyjajordur, Akureyi boasts charming multicoloured houses. Explore Lake Myvatn and see the famous "Waterfall of the Gods" at Godafoss
Day 6 - Isafjordur. Visit the beautiful isolated fishing town on Isafjord and sail the spectacular fjord
Day 7 - Heimaey, Vestman Islands. See the stunning cliffs, marine caves and reef. The waters are home to seals and killer whales
Day 8 - Reykjavik. See the surrounding fields of lava or visit the Blue Lagoon, vast natural swimming pool
Day 9 - Fly Reykjavik to London


  • The spectacular fjords of Iceland
  • The rugged volcanic landscapes
  • The chance to see thriving bird and marine life

Extend your trip:

  • Extend your cruise and travel on to Spitsbergen and beyond
  • Spend some time exploring Iceland ashore - Reykjavik is a great base for land adventures

Ponant - Reykjavik - Iceland Cruise

8 Nights
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Departures: 14th, 21st, 27th, 29th July 2015; 5th August 2015

Adventures begin when you call 020 7399 7630 or when you click here

When to go:

The best time to go is during the summer time, when the snow has thawed and the wildlife is out of hibernation. You may even have the opportunity to see the beautiful Auroras Borealis.

What to pack: 

As you would expect, the temperatures are quite cool even at the height of the summer, but with luck you will enjoy long hours of sunshine late into the night. For any arctic cruise layers and thermals are essential, as well as good quality sunglasses, and high factor sunblock. This destination is all about the scenery and very appealing to photographers – remember to come well equipped as you are unlikely to be able to get everything you need locally.