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The World's last great wilderness is Antarctica, the breathtaking continent at the South Pole. For many, this is a must do on their travel list – for others just a step too far.

Those who have taken an Antarctica holiday can never forget the extraordinary wildlife here – the seething mass of penguins, the sealions and fur seals, the mass of marine and birdlife enjoying the all too short summer months.

But more than that, the scenery itself is formidable: the icebergs with their glowing colours and extraordinary sculpted shapes, the snow-covered mountains, the steaming pools, all is quite alien and amazingly beautiful.

An Antarctic holiday should be taken between November and March, with December and January being considered the height of the summer.

In our view there are three types of Antarctic cruises: those departing from Ushuaia and visiting South Georgia; those departing from Ushuaia and NOT visiting South Georgia; and more unusually, those departing from Bluff in New Zealand which takes you to Antarctica via the Southern Ocean, following in the footsteps of the great Antarctic Explorers.

Holidays to the Antarctic Peninsula are as individual as nature. The itinerary is guided by the movements of the ice, and the weather conditions from hour to hour.

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