Theresa Hall

Senior Adventure Consultant

Theresa Hall, Mundy Cruising
The best thing about working in travel is the chance to live vicariously through my clients’ adventures! I love investigating a remote destination and finding unique sights or experiences that I didn’t even know existed.
My favourite adventure
Herd of elephants in Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda

I toured around Uganda, staying in lodges and campsites right in the heart of the national parks.

When doing safari it's vital to start early in order to catch the animals before it gets too hot, so being able to wake up to sunrise over the Nile, then seeing elephants and hippos within a five minute drive was simply magical.

The scenery in Uganda is surprisingly varied - from open savannah plains to mountainous jungle, as well as a number of beautiful lakes dotted with tiny islands that you can explore by canoe.

My top adventure tip

My tip for adventure travel is to keep some flexibility in your trip – while it’s tempting to pack every day full of organised tours, you never know which places are going to capture your imagination and make you want to stay an extra day.

Expedition ships rarely have a fixed itinerary, so the crew can respond to wildlife sightings as and when they happen, ensuring you get the most from your trip.