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About Us - Interesting

About Mundy Adventures. The more interesting personal bit.

Why did we set up Mundy Adventures? Because some dynamic changes in the cruise industry meant that at last we were able to sell holidays that excited our more adventurous side.

We have long known that some of the most breathtaking places on earth can only be reached by water, but up until recently it's not always been possible to get to them too easily, if at all.

And so we have spent the past few years painstakingly putting together a superb portfolio of products that we trust to open up the path less-travelled to those who prefer it to the road well-trodden.

To put together a collection of the more active, the more unusual and the more authentic experiences that anyone could ever enjoy.

We know it will never be big business, but to be honest that's actually the point. If it was big business, it would not be adventurous at all, and nor would it be so exciting for us.